"This is the time of chaos, when our old, familiar ways will crumble and fall. Against the failing of the galaxy that demands all order succumbs to chaos, we have only love, which needs no order to grow, and over which entropy has no sway. This alone is eternal, and for this we fight."
- Stephanie Warfield

Updated: 26 April, 2005
Stephanie Warfield
[Space Marines: The Furies]
[Dark Eldar: The Kabal of Lost Souls]
[Sisters of Battle: The Amazon Order]
[Chaos Renegades: The Angels]
[Battle Reports]

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[General Stories] [Dark Eldar] [Inquisitor Vail] [Chaos] [Imperial Guard] [Other Authors]
The copyrights of many concepts in these stories are held by Games Workshop
- all original material is copyright 1999-2004 Chris Cook.
[Fury - part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] [part V] - Follows the Furies chapter and the formation of the Alliance, in a story stretching from the Horus Heresy to the shadow world of Commorragh, the halls of the Imperial Palace on Terra to the Frontier worlds on the edge of the galaxy.

[The Rose] - 'Departures'. A personal story following the life of a young Battle Sister.
[The Rose II - part I] [part II] [part III] - 'Initiations'. Antonia's journey continues.

[Avenger] - How one of the Furies survived an alien terror to become a defender of humanity.
[Illusions] - The aspect warriors of the Zaran craftworld are aided by some unusual allies.
[Contagion] - A corvette of the Amazon Battle Sisters finds a deserted freighter drifting in deep space.
[Child of Chaos] - The Furies do battle with Chaos Lord Invisus of the Black Legion.
[Judgement] - Anastasia's Amazons find a hijacked Imperial prison ship.
[Past Prologue - part I] [part II] - A look back at Stephanie as she was before the Furies rebellion.
[Purgatory's Shadow] - The mysterious Sapphire propels Stephanie into a parallel reality.
[Colony] - The Amazons find signs of life aboard an ancient space hulk.

[Short Stories] - A collection of short stories and vignettes featuring characters from other stories.

[Birds of Prey] - Lord Cronus leads the War Hawks chapter against the forces of chaos.
[Legion of the Damned] - The origin of this chapter of ghost-like warriors.
[Aftermath] - A soldier is left behind on the battlefield.
[Dusk] - A neglected patrol team investigates an Archaeotech site.

[Last Rites] - An Imperial Guardsman finds himself the subject of the lethal attention of Archon Nemesis.
[Destroyer] - The Val'tora craftworld finds its match in the Kabal of Lost Souls.
[Guiding Light] - A human captive in the Twilight City is helped to escape by a mysterious ally.
[Epitaph] - Dracon Surahk rebels against Nemesis' Kabal of Lost Souls.
[Descent] - A prisoner discovers hatred and love in the Kabal of Lost Souls.

[Before Dawn] - The secretive Inquisitor Vail prepares to leave Terra.
[Dawn] - Vail finds a secret in the aftermath of a cult uprising on hiveworld Eternity.
[Dark Side] - Vail infiltrates a gang world to uncover the murderer of a powerful Mechanicus Lord.
[Ascension] - A routine investigation escalates into a full-scale war, leading Vail to question her loyalties.
[Critical Mass] - Vail and Liela are stranded in the warp when their navigator is murdered.
[Praesidium] - Vail and Liela race to stop a rogue governor from uncovering ancient technology.

[The Summoning] - A mage prepares to summon a daemon of Slaanesh.
[Angels] - The Dark Angels fall victim to a vicious attack from Sylelle's renegade marines.
[Dance of Death] - A unique assassin travels to Sylelle's daemon world to eliminate her.
[The Queen's Toys] - A champion of Sylelle's renegades challenges an Imperial Librarian.
[Indulgence] - Sylelle commissions a special work of art for herself.
[Homecoming] - An Eldar seer finds herself in the middle of a war between gods.

[Respect for Authority] - The officers of the 101st debate what to do with the new Commissar.
[Bug Hunt] - An impromptu departure from HQ leads to a mission for the 101st.
[Shore Leave] - The 101st takes unorthodox action to secure their leisure time.

[Stormgrinder] by John Carswell - Succubus Llyra Stormgrinder fights for her patron.
[Masa Krytyczna] by Zero - A Polish translation of Critical Mass.
[Wulkan] by Zero - A Polish translation of Ascension.

[The Rocky Horror Slayer Show] - Don't dream it, stake it.
[Star Wars Episode III] - George Lucas is in for a shock when he finds out what really happened in the last days of the Republic.
[Imperial Enquirer #27791] - Annoyed Orks, Lying High Lords, and Battle Sister Britney Spears!
[Imperial Enquirer Lifestyle Section] - Lelith Hesperax, Deathworld Holidays, and your Horoscope!
[Imperial Enquirer #27867] - Chaotic Crusades, Ork Reality TV, and Cuddly Pokespawn Toys!
[Imperial Enquirer #27868] - Imperial Litigation, Simulated Carnage, and Daemonic Discrimination!

"It sometimes seem that the nature of humanity is contrary to the crusade we fight against the darkness. But to abandon our dreams would be a failure too great to be borne."
- Stephanie Warfield
[Furies Gallery] - The leaders of the Furies chapter and the Alliance.
[Codex: Furies] - New wargear and rules for the Furies chapter.
[Artemis] - Technical details of the Furies' Eumenides-class heavy cruisers.
[Force Fiorentina] - Tactics and images of a 500-point Space Marine army.
[The Founding] - The Furies' entry in the November 2004 Chapter Founding Competition.

"Cast you eye over this glittering galaxy, and show me one single molecule of justice, of mercy or compassion. There is none. There is only the power of the strong over the weak. So it has always been, and so it should be."
- Archon Nemesis
[Index Xenos - Dark Eldar] - Imperial Index on the Dark Eldar race.
[Index Xenos - Lost Souls] - Index on the Kabal of Lost Souls.
[Index Xenos - Haemonculi] - Sub-index on the Dark Eldar's master torturers.
[Lost Souls Gallery] - The leaders of the Kabal of Lost Souls.
[Codex Lost Souls] - A complete revision of the Dark Eldar army list.
[Vehicle Conversions] - Details of the custom vehicles built for Codex Lost Souls.
[Squad Conversions] - Details of the new troop types converted for Codex Lost Souls.
[Battle Report] - The Kabal takes on the Fire Lords chaos warband.

"Humanity is a gift we are born with, but all too easily we might give it up. But we must be strong, and hold onto the sadnesses and joys of life, for they are the legacy left to us by the Emperor. To deny them is to deny everything."
- Susan Alexandra
[Holy Relics] - Rules for the wargear items not included in Chapter Approved.

"Life is not a game to be fought, won or lost. We live a dance, courting partners as it pleases us, and discarding them when their struggles become tiresome."
- Sorceress-Queen Sylelle
[Gifts of Slaanesh] - Chaos mutations for champions of Slaanesh.
[Slaaneshi Magic] - New spells for Slaaneshi sorcerers.

"People fight for many reasons: because they're afraid, or enraged, or avaricious or even insecure. But mostly because fate affords them no choice."
- Stephanie Warfield
[Furies vs Imperial Guard] - An iceworld assault on a fortified bunker.
[Furies vs Ultramarines] - Defence of a power station against armoured assault.
[Dark Eldar vs Chaos Marines] - A clash of two evil forces.
[Furies vs Eldar] - A gruelling skirmish in a barren wasteland.
[Furies vs Battle Sisters] - The Sisters test their firepower against a mobile enemy.
[Furies vs Space Wolves] - A test of leadership as Marines clash with Marines.


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[Hive World Terra] - Articles, GW Encyclopedia, fan fiction and forum.
[Cha'Los Craftworld/Four Winds of Chaos].
[Paintrix Miniatures] - Gallery of exquisitely-painted miniatures.
[8-bit Theater] - The best sprite comic on the web.