[Wargear; 8 points]
Anyone who drinks the contents of one of these crystal bottles is filled with the strength and determination of Dolan, the Great Confessor.
One use only. Declare the Phial is being used prior to the movement phase. The user gains +1 Strength and Toughness until the end of the assault phase

[Wargear; 10 points]
There are many stories of statues of the Emperor and other icons of the faith weeping blood-like tears. These tears are collected in ornate crystal bottles, and they are a potent weapon against the forces of Chaos.
One use only.
Range: 12"; Strength: n/a; AP: n/a; Type: Assault 1 Blast
The Tears will hit any daemon touched by the blast template (note there are no partial hits as with normal blast weapons). Any daemon hit is wounded on a roll of 4+ regardless of its Toughness, and may not use its Invulnerable save. Non-daemonic targets are not affected.

[Wargear; 25 points]
Using the relics contained within this rare scentwood box, a character can cure all manner of injuries and ailments.
Counts as a Narthecium. See Codex Space Marines.

[Two-handed Weapon; 20 points]
Carved of wood taken from the massivetrees lining the Garden of Saints, the Staff of Belief is a potent symbol of faith and devotion.
The Staff is a close combat weapon, but may not be combined with another weapon to gain the +1 Attack benefit. The user of the Staff gains +2 Strength in close combat, and the weapon negates any daemon's Invulnerable save. Note that the increase in Strength applies against any target, not just daemons.

Wargear descriptions from Codex: Sisters of Battle (WH40k second edition).

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