Furies vs Ultramarines
by Chris Cook

Forces and Deployment

The table was the store's usual iceworld - other battles were being fought on the wasteland. NE had hills, SW had a power station (the old one from that Dark Angel campaign pack a couple of years back) and the centre of the table had a small hill with a ravine running through the middle. Otherwise it was just open space or scattered cover which played no part in the game.

I took the power station quarter to deploy in. My Tacticals (8 w. flamer/vet sergeant) and Devereaux (leader/pwr weapon) deployed behind the ravine hill, the Scouts (5 w. vet sergeant) west of them at one end of the ravine, the Bikes (3 w. flamer/melta) between the two squads. The Devis (5 w. 2 launchers) took up position behind cover in the power station.

The Ultramarines deployed an Annihilator with sponson heavy bolters between the ravine and the hills. A Tactical squad (9 w. launcher) occupied the hills. At their end of the ravine a terminator Chaplain led an Assault squad (5 w. 1 plasma pistol).

Turn One

The Bikes drove through the ravine right at the Chaplain, followed by the Scouts. The Tacticals moved towards the hills, the Devis stayed put. Two krak missiles rebounded from the front of the Predator, but the Bikes vaped the Chaplain with their meltagun after the Scouts had been unable to harm him. My Tacticals fired at the Ultra Tacticals, dropping one. The Bikes charged the Assault squad but only one made it to base contact, and the assault ended up a draw.

The Predator stayed still and fired everything at the Devis, killing two. The Ultra Tacticals advanced and fired at my Tacticals, killing one before charging. My Tacticals beat the Ultras and consolidated after their fall back, forming a firing line. The Assault squad and Bikes lost one each, with no fall back.

Turn Two

The Devis fired at the Predator again, stopping it from firing next turn. The Tacticals and Scouts both moved into perfect positions for blasting the Ultra Tacticals. Between the shooting (the flamer hit every model in the squad) and the subsequent assault (Devereaux dropped three, including the sergeant) the Ultra Tacticals were wiped out. One more Biker fell, and the survivor retreated just out of range of the pursuing Assault squad.

The Predator executed a handbrake turn and ran down the line of Tacticals and Scouts, tank shocking both but not causing any fall back. The Assault squad fired at the lone Biker, didn't kill him, then assaulted and still didn't kill him.

Turn Three

The Tacticals and Scouts stood their ground and rapid-fired pistols and bolters into the rear of the Predator, shaking it again (no shooting next turn) and blowing off both sponsons. Unfortunately the krak missiles failed to hit or penetrate, even against the exposed side. The Assault squad dropped the last bike and advanced onto the roof of the power station and into the Devis.

The Predator reversed over both Tacticals and Scouts, again failing to break either, ending up with its rear safely away from both squads. The Assault squad and the Devis fought without result.

Turn Four

Unable to damage the front/side armour of the Predator, the Scouts started to move around behind it while the Tacticals moved into the hills in the NE quarter in case it turned around again. Again the Devis and Assaults fought with no result.

The Predator executed an interesting 3" forward, 3" back manoeuvre to tank shock the Scouts and end up back where it started, plus an on-the-spot 90-degree turn to put its rear up against the ravine wall. Luckily its twin-lascannon failed to wound the Tactical it fired at. The Scouts fell back towards the power station, while the Devis lost one more to the Assault squad and fell back a few inches, the Assaults catching them.

Turn Five

The Devis fired into the sweep-advancing Assaults with two krak missiles, killing two and causing the squad to fall back - right into the Scouts (crossfire, heh heh heh). At this point the Tacticals really should have jumped behind a ridge in the hills, but I forgot to (What, hide behind a rock?).

The Predator fired one last shot, taking down a Tactical to put the squad below 50%. The game ended with the damaged (but mobile) Predator holding the NW quarter, with my Scouts holding the SW quarter: a 1-1 draw.

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