Furies vs Eldar
by Chris Cook

Forces and Deployment

My army: a slight variation on the usual. Devereaux (lvl2 hero w. pwr weapon), Tacticals (6 w. launcher, flamer, vet. sergeant), Scouts (5 w. vet. sergeant) Devis (5 w. 2x launcher) and Bikers (3 w. flamer, melta).

My opponent: Dire Avengers (8 + Exarch w. pwr weapon), more Avengers (5 + Exarch w. pwr weapon), Scorpions (5 + Exarch w. Scorpion's Claw) and a Wraithlord (bright lance).

The Eldar deployed first, and the board was the wasteland. The section of rocks in the middle of the table was build as a herdstone for Fantasy battles - as these rocks were all tall standing-stone-types we decided that this area would count as forest.

Turn One

The Scorpions moved through the standing stones, while the Wraithlord skulked around behind them, firing at the Bikers but failing to kill due to a cover save from the hill they were behind. The two Avenger squads (1=east, 2=west) both moved around the sides of the standing stones, but were out of range.

Unable to see through the standing stones to the Wraithlord, the Devis fired into the Scorpions, but didn't kill any due to poor rolling and cover saves. The Tacticals fired their launcher at the Scorpions and also failed to kill. The Scouts moved up to engage the Avenger1s near them, firing as they went but not killing. The Bikers moved east and fired into the Avenger2s, causing one casualty. The Scouts assaulted the Avenger1s, killing one but not causing a fall back.

Turn Two

The Wraithlord moved forward around the east of the standing stones and fired into the bikes, trashing one. The Avenger2s took up position in the nearest line of rocks, but were out of catapult range. The Scorpions moved forward through the standing stones, but made a poor terrain roll of 3" and were still outside pistol range. The Avenger1 Exarch took out three of the Scouts, but caused no fall back.

The Bikers moved up to flank Avenger2, firing along their line with the flamer but causing only one casualty. The Devis and Tacticals fired krak missiles and long-range bolters into the Scorpions, killing only one due to cover saves. The Bikers assaulted Avenger2 and killed one, while the last Scout trooper fell to the Avenger1 Exarch, leaving the sergeant to fight on alone.

Turn Three

The Wraithlord moved in to end the assault between Avenger2 and the Bikers, taking down one Devi on the way with the bright lance. The Scorpions finally got within pistol range of the Devis, killing one. The Wraithlord finished the two Bikers in assault, while the Scout sergeant fell back after a moral high ground roll.

At this point I addressed Artemis in no uncertain terms re: marksmanship among the Tacticals and Devis. In return Her children finally figured out which end of the bolter goes bang, and killed the last of the Scorpions and their Exarch. The Scout sergeant charged back into the Avenger1s, killing one.

Turn Four

The Wraithlord missed its bright lance shot at the Devis, while Avenger2 stayed put. The assault between the Scout sergeant and Avenger1 was without result.

The Devis and Tacticals fired krak missiles into Avenger2, nearly wiping it out. The Scout sergeant failed moral high ground and fell back out of Avenger1, which consolidated.

Turn Five

The Wraithlord fired its bright lance at the Devis but failed to wound. Avenger1 fired everything into the Scout sergeant, but his armour saved him. The Avengers assaulted but didn't kill him.

Tacticals and Devis finished off Avenger2 with krak missiles, while the Scout sergeant again fell back out of combat, his opponents pursuing and catching him below the hill on which the Tacticals stood.

Turn Six

The Wraithlord again failed to wound the Devi it shot (not a very bright lance after all), while the Avengers finally managed to finish off the Scout sergeant thanks to their Exarch. They did a sweeping advance into the Tacticals.

Tacticals and Devis fired krak missiles and rapid-fire bolters into the sweep-advancing Avengers, wiping them out. The game ended with the Wraithlord holding the NE quarter, and my Devis and Tacticals holding the SW. I checked later, and found that the Devis were just over 6" from the edge of the adjacent quarter - at the time I elected not to move them because I was unwilling to give up the two krak missile shots into the Avengers.

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