Furies vs Sisters of Battle
by Chris Cook

Forces and Deployment

Now wait, I have an explanation. Naturally as Patronus Princeps of anything female in 40k I can't actually fight against Battle Sisters. Besides, against what amounts to amazons I would be powerless to roll brilliantly, as Artemis can hardly be expected to bless my dice against Her own. So, I reasoned later, these weren't actually Battle Sisters at all: they were members of the outlawed Frateris Templars who had survived for four millennia by growing their hair long, wearing lipstick and eye shadow, referring to each other as 'sister' and 'canoness' and so on, and wearing Angel armour. No doubt they'd get along well with Dark Angels. So, in actual fact, they were all guys.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I had the usual force. Devereaux (lvl 2 hero, pwr weapon, bolt pistol), Tacticals (7, veteran, flamer), Scouts (5, veteran), Bikers (3, flamer, melta), Devis (5, 2x launcher).

I was up against the Blue Sisters of Aderon. A Canoness with a power fist, three squads of Sisters (#1: 6, hvy bolter, flamer; #2: 6, hvy bolter, flamer; #3: 7, multi-melta), 5 Retributors with 4 heavy bolters, and 6 Seraphim with a twin-flamer. And a preacher.

Turn One

No movement from the Sisters army. The Retributors and Sister squad heavy bolters fired on my Tacticals, and in a brief lapse in the 3+ flow I lost three. Short turn.

The Tacticals and Bikers advanced due north, straight towards the Retributors. The Scouts moved west into the main line of trees between them and the Canoness' squad. The Tacticals weren't yet in range of their targets, but firing from the Bikers and krak missiles from the Devis took down two Retributors.

Turn Two

The Seraphim moved behind the hills to their east, possibly to support Sisters #1 and #2 in the coming assault. The Canoness and Sisters #3 moved south, into the lower quarter. Again the Retributors and Sisters #1 & #2 fired heavy bolters, this time into the Bikers, dropping one.

The Bikers swerved right to line up a perfect flamer shot along Sisters #1 and #2. The Tacticals continued forward, to within assault range. The Scouts moved north but rolled poorly for terrain (three 3s), staying within the forest line. The Devis again stayed put, but managed to roll two 1s for wounding with krak missiles. The Biker with the flamer caught 10 in the template and instantly reduced Sisters #1 and #2 to below fighting strength. Fire from the Tacticals reduced the Retributors to one, who fell back and failed the table edge test, vanishing into the ether. Both Bikers and Tacticals assaulted Sisters #1 and #2, causing a few casualties. Sisters #1 held, keeping the Tacticals in place, while the Bikers pursued #2, caught them, and continued on into the Seraphim.

Turn Three

The Seraphim fired into the sweep-advancing Bikers, unfortunately taking down both of them. Devereaux got up some speed and took down the rest of Sisters #1 in assault, consolidating towards the Seraphim with the Tacticals in tow, although they had lost one more member in the assault.

The Scouts moved back south, placing them in the same quarter as the Canoness' squad. Firing and then assaulting, Devereaux and the Tacticals wiped out the Seraphim.

At this point, with only the Canoness' unit left against two intact quarter-holding units (Scouts and Devis) not to mention Devereaux and the remnants of the Tactical squad, my opponent conceded that winning was pretty improbable. Game ended after 3 turns, with quarters at 1-0 to the Furies.

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