Furies vs Space Wolves
by Chris Cook

Forces and Deployment

My army was unchanged from the previous league battles: Devereaux (lvl 2 hero, pwr weapon, bolt pistol), Tacticals (7, veteran, flamer), Scouts (5, veteran), Bikers (3, flamer, melta) and Devis (5, 2x launcher).

My opponent: a lvl2 hero with power weapon, a Tactical squad of 10 in a Rhino, a Scout squad of 6 with one shotgun, a land speeder with heavy bolter.

The map, Iceworld again. I've cut off areas from the south and east which weren't used. Notice that a hell of a lot of the fighting I do happens in my opponents' deployment areas? A good tendency, I think. I got first turn. As we're both using similar troops I'll put capital letters on mine to clear things up.

Turn One

Bikers, Tacticals, Devereaux and Scouts move toward the scouts. The Devis had no line of sight to either the rhino or speeder, so they moved to their west to get a better line to the area the scouts were in. Firing from the Bikers was poor, killing nothing.

The speeder moved south, behind the large area of hills to the west of my Devis. The rhino moved out from behind its ruins and faced the Bikers. The scouts moved up towards my troops. The scouts, rhino and tactical squad inside fired on my Bikers but caused no casualties. The speeder fired into my Tacticals, causing three casualties as 3+ deserted me.

Turn Two

The Bikers moved to get a shot along the line of scouts with their flamer. The Tacticals advanced behind the Scouts. Two krak missiles missed from the Devis, firing at the rhino. The flamer and other Biker weapons, plus fire from the Scouts, only managed to drop one scout. Bikers and Scouts assaulted the scouts, killing one and causing the remainder to fall back parallel to the ruins. The Scouts pursued and caught, while the Bikers somehow fell short.

The speeder moved through the hills, landing on a flat patch with LOS to my Devis. The rhino again moved forward, and the tacticals and wolf lord disembarked. The scouts rapid-fired into their pursuers but their armour saved them. The tacticals and lord fired into my Tacticals, killing two but not causing any fall back. The speeder fired on my Devis but killed none.

The tacticals assaulted my Tacticals, but only one marine was within range, and he ended up against my sergeant who cut him down. The wolf tacticals passed their morale check and everyone piled in. My Scouts butchered the wolf scouts, reducing the squad to a single worried sergeant who fell back 2" only to see my Scout squad forming a firing line.

Turn Three

My Bikers moved up to take a few shots into the arse of the rhino. The Devis swivelled in place to face the speeder. Their missiles and rapid-firing bolters didn't do so well due to the speeder's glancing hit rule, only blowing its heavy bolter off. The Biker with the meltagun managed only to shake the rhino, so it wouldn't be able to fire next turn, while the others couldn't penetrate with their twin bolters. My Scouts blew the wolf scout sergeant's head off. Devereaux shrugged off the efforts of the wolf lord to harm her and cut the bugger in half (you go girl), while both tactical squads proved unable to damage each other. The wounds on the wolf lord were enough to cause a fall back which Devereaux pursued into with Tacticals in tow.

With its heavy bolter AWOL the speeder took off at maximum speed to hide behind a hill in the north-east quarter, still able to claim it. The rhino spun around and tried to drive over my Bikers, who got out of the way. Rapid fire into my sweep-advancing Tacticals took down two of them, but didn't cause any fall back. Devereaux again proved inspirational in assault, felling tacticals left and right, although one of them managed to dent her armour in return (one wound). The tacticals fell back towards where my Scouts were waiting, but rallied before they got that far with Devereaux catching them in pursuit.

Turn Four

The Bikers again lined up a perfect shot at the rear of the rhino, but this time the meltagunner missed completely. The Devis had no LOS but didn't move, having a good position where they were for future developments. Devereaux felled the last of the tacticals in assault, giving her Tacticals nothing to do.

The rhino backed over the Bikers, who again got out of the way, but then dropped one of them with its storm bolter causing a long fall back (13") to almost the middle of the table. Short turn.

Turn Five

The Devis steadied themselves for another shot at the rhino, with only one launcher having LOS. Devereaux and some of the Scouts got into the ruins to take bolt shots at the rhino's rear armour, unwilling to get too close in case the missile did something spectacular. The Bikers, meanwhile, found that their fall back had put them in the perfect position to veer off to the east and take a shot at the lurking land speeder. As the thing hadn't moved since it took up residence behind its hill it had no glancing hit rule, and dropped like a stone. The krak missile didn't penetrate the rhino's armour, and neither did the bolt shots from behind. At this point my opponent conceded. Furies win, 2-0 on quarters.

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