[5 points]
The champion's face resembles that of a Daemonette, with pale and smooth skin, full red lips and hypnotic pool-like eyes. As she is now partly a Daemonette she is capable of drawing such creatures into being around herself.
Any summoning rolls made to summon units of Daemonettes may add +1, providing the ordnance template for summoning is placed in contact with the Daemonette-faced champion's unit.

[10 points]
One of the champion's arms mutates into a powerful claw, covered in armour-like shell and lined with razor-sharp barbed spikes.
The claw counts as a one-handed weapon, giving the champion +1 Strength.

[10 points]
The champion may extend her tongue into a long whip-like lash, allowing her to distract and ensnare her opponents at close quarters as contact with the drug-like saliva causes euphoria and hallucinations.
During the assault phase, each to-hit roll of 6 allows the champion to reroll one failed to-hit roll. No dice can be rerolled more than once.

[12 points]
The champion mutates into a hybrid of her own form and a Steed of Slaanesh, with long powerful legs and an elongated flexible body. Although her new form is unable to accomodate some types of armour, she is now able to move with blinding speed.
The champion's armour save is reduced by -1 (usually from 3+ to 4+), and she may not ride a bike or steed. She may make a 12" assault move, and pursue or fall back 3D6".

[10 points]
The champion exudes a heady, musky perfume which is deeply attractive to most creatures. Enemies in the champion's presence must fight not to succumb to the scent, which robs them of the ability to think clearly.
Any unit assaulting the champion's unit, which begins its move with one or more models within 6" of the champion herself, count as moving through Difficult Terrain during their assault move.

[5 points]
The champion grows a long, flexible tail tipped with a sharp blade or barbed hooks. The tail is prehensile, allowing the champion to wield it like a weapon.
The champion always counts as using two close combat weapons, even if she is using a double-handed weapon.

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