[10 points]
The sorceress calls up a cloud of night around the target, from which they are tormented by half-seen shapes and whispering voices.
The spell is cast as a shooting attack with a range of 24", using the sorceress' Ballistic Skill. The target must roll less than their Initiative on a D6 (if the target unit contains models with different Initiative values, use the Initiative of the model that would take Morale checks, such as an Independent Character of squad leader). If the target fails to roll under its Initiative its vision range during its next shooting phase is reduced to 2x2D6" (roll two dice and double the result, for a range between 4" and 24").

[10 points]
The sorceress embraces the minds of her daemons and strengthens their magical auras, making them more resistant to physical damage.
The spell is cast at the beginning of the Chaos turn. All units of Slaaneshi daemons (Daemonettes, Steeds, Fiends or Keepers of Secrets, but not Daemon Princes) with at least one model within 12" of the sorceress' unit may reroll their Invulnerable saves for the entire turn (both players' turns).

[15 points]
The sorceress reaches out into the mind of a nearby leader, reaching into deeply-buried fantasies and dreams and bringing them into their conscious mind.
During the shooting phase, target one Independent Character within 12" of the sorceress, to which the sorceress has line-of-sight. No roll to hit is required. The target must immediately make a Leadership test, with a negative modifier of -1 if the sorceress is a Sorcerer, -2 if the sorceress is a Mighty Champion, or -3 if the sorceress if an Exalted Champion. If the targets fails the Leadership test it cannot do anything at all during its next turn - move, shoot or assault. If the target becomes involved in an assault, either during the Chaos turn or its own subsequent turn, it fights as if it were out of base-to-base contact with its enemies (it may only make one attack, and cannot use any special weapons). Enemies attacking the target suffer no ill effects due to the spell.

[20 points]
The sorceress casts a euphoric haze over her army, using the worship of Slaanesh as a conduit to caress and enhance their senses to a frenzied peak.
The spell is cast at the beginning of the assault phase. Every Slaaneshi unit (units of Daemonettes, Steeds, Fiends, Noise Marines, and characters bearing the Mark of Slaanesh and units they lead) must assault the nearest enemy within 12". They may make an assault move of up to 12". Each Marked model (all of the above except the other members of units led by a Marked character) gains +1 Attack for the first round of combat. The spell does not affect the sorceress' own unit.

[15 points]
The sorceress imposes her will on a nearby mind, crushing its own will and forcing the victim to attack his own comrades, or injure himself.
Target one unit during the shooting phase, using the sorceress' Ballistic Skill. The hit is allocated as normal against one member of the target unit, who must make a Leadership test on his own Leadership value, not that of a squad leader of Independent Character. If the target fails his Leadership test, roll on the table below:
Resist! The target fights off the intruding influence in its mind, and suffers no significant ill effects.
Bleed for me... The target is forced into self-mutilation, and takes one wound.
Share your pain! During the Chaos assault phase, the target model will attack the nearest model of its own army. Fight the assault as if the model were controlled by the Chaos player, fighting back with other models as normal. The model reverts to normal as soon as all attacks have been resolved, and will fall back or pursue if the rest of its squad does so.
Strike them down! The model immediately fires at the nearest target of its own army. The shot is allocated as normal if the target is a unit. If the firing model has more than one weapon, or a combi-weapon, roll a D6 to determine randomly which weapon will be fired (assign 1-3 to one weapon and 4-6 to the other). Unless the model is already falling back it counts as being stationary when firing.

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