Dark Eye Targeter (30 pts): The vehicle's weapons are fitted with advanced rangefinders and target trackers, allowing it to lock on and fire in a split second. The vehicle may fire during the movement phase rather than the shooting phase - moving, shooting, and then completing its move. All the normal restrictions apply to the number of weapons that can be fired due to the total distance the vehicle moves (ie the distance moved before and after shooting).

Distortion Field (25 pts): The vehicle is surrounded by a forcefield that bends light, making it very difficult for enemies to take precise aim. Whenever a roll on the Damage Table for this vehicle is made, roll two dice and apply the lowest result.

Gravitic Buffer (15 pts): The vehicle is fitted with a secondary grav drive, allowing it to hover for short periods if the main system is damaged. If this vehicle suffers an Immobilised result on the Damage Table it is not immediately destroyed. Instead it will drift D6" in a random direction during its own turn, and troops cannot board the vehicle, although troops already on the vehicle can disembark. Any weapons on the vehicle may be fired as normal. In addition roll a D6 at the beginning of each turn (both players turns): if a 6 is rolled the secondary drive exhausts its power supply and the vehicle crashes and is destroyed.

Neutron Ram (20 pts): The vehicle is fitted with a force projector that creates an impulse wave ahead of its prow. This vehicle is capable of causing Tank Shock even though it is not classified as a tank.

Night Shield (20 pts): The vehicle's open deck is covered by a low-powered wide-area shadow field. The vehicle no longer counts as open-topped against flame or blast attacks, and does not add +1 to rolls on the Damage Table. Note that the full number of troops may still fire out of the vehicle.

Scythes (10 pts): The vehicle has been fitted with blades along its hull allowing it to damage nearby enemies. Any enemy model that rolls a 1 to hit when attacking the vehicle in an assault suffers a Strength 5 hit, normal armour saves allowed.

Soul Vortex (15 pts): The vehicle has a psychocell containing the souls of fallen enemies. In battle it projects their terror and despair into the minds of enemies. Any enemy model within 6", or squad with a model within 6", suffers -1 Leadership. Note that this effect is culumative if multiple vehicles are within 6" of an enemy, but the effect can never exceed -3 Ld in total.

Trophy Rack (5 pts): The vehicle is adorned with the skulls and armour of those slain by its crew. Any unit attacking the vehicle in an assault must pass an unmodified Leadership test. If it fails the attacker(s) counts as not being in base-to-base contact (ie only one attack per model, no special weapons may be used).


Executioner rifle: The executioner is a special type of sniper rifle that fires fragmentary ammunition. The projectile senses the proximity of the target and splits into dozens of tiny needles just before impact, each one containing a reservoir of mutagenic poison, highly lethal to practically every type of organic or semi-organic tissue. The rifle uses the firer's Ballistic Skill, but always wounds on a 4+ in the same way as a normal sniper rifle. The effects of the poison are gruesome enough that the weapon causes pinning.
Rng: 36", S: n/a, AP: 6, Heavy 1

Katana: The katana is a long-handled sword used by Wyches against heavily-armoured opponents. It can be used as a regular close combat weapon, or if wielded two-handed can deliver a crushing strike capable of shattering any type of personal armour. A Wych armed with a katana may attack normally, with bonus attacks for charging and using two close combat weapons. If she chooses to use the katana she cannot count the +1 Attack for having two close combat weapons, but the katana counts as a power weapon.

Night Lance: This is a combination of the dark lance and the disintegrator, the main heavy weapons of the Dark Eldar. The night lance has two firing modes, sustained and maximal. Select which mode will be used before firing. If the lance fires on maximal it cannot do so again the following turn, and must use sustained mode instead. Both firing modes use the Dark Matter rule, meaning that no vehicle can count as having an armour value greater than 12.
Sustained = Rng 36", S:5, AP:3, Heavy 3
Maximal = Rng 48", S:8, AP:2, Heavy 1 Blast

Particle Cannon: This weapon is an experimental device based on dark lance and plasma technology. It fires projectiles composed of plasma-coated metallic dark matter, propelled by a gravitic accelerator in the weapon's barrel. The particle cannon uses the Dark Matter rule (no AV greater than 12), and counts as Ordnance if it hits a vehicle: two rolls to penetrate armour are made, and any penetrating hits are rolled on the Ordnance Hit table. Note that the weapon is not actually an Ordnance weapon - it may be fired when the vehicle has moved, and does not use any blast template.
Rng 24", S:10, AP:1, Heavy 1

Razor Rifle: A special type of weapon designed to quickly capture prisoners. The rifle fires a stream of charged metal which wraps around the target, the charge acting as a teleport homer for teleportation systems behind the battle lines. Any target which does not manage to evade or break the wire is teleported into holding facilities for the Dark Eldar to do with as they please after the battle. When firing, roll for and allocate all hits, but do not roll to wound as usual. Instead, each hit has two points of Strength for each weapon that hits that model, to a maximum of 10 - if only one shot hits a model it counts as Strength 2, but if three hit a single model all shots count as having Strength 6. Instead of using the target's Toughness, use the target's Strength to determine whether the weapon wounds, using the same to-wound table. Armour saves are allowed, but if any target is wounded by the weapon it is removed as a captured casualty immediately, regardless of the number of wounds it has.
Rng: 12", S:-, AP:-, Assault 1


Dark Eldar Wyches train constantly to perfect their skills in battle and the Arenas. Ancient combat techniques are handed down within the Wych Cults, taught in complex sequences of movements that give Wych combat its dance-like quality.

Backflip (7 pts): This ability affects any enemy model in base-to-base contact with the Succubus. Any opponent who would normally strike after the Succubus (lower initiative, assaulting into cover etc) always counts as being out of base-to-base contact - they may only make a single attack, and may not use special weapons or abilities.

Double Strike (10 pts): The Succubus may make an additional to-hit roll for each successful hit in the first round of an assault. Note that additional hits made using this skill do not allow further to-hit rolls.

Rolling Kick (6 pts): Against opponents who would normally strike first (higher initiative, in cover etc) the Succubus may make one of her attacks simultaneously with her opponent.

Shoulder Throw (5 pts): The Succubus may use one of her attacks to throw her opponent away from her. After making any other attacks, any enemy model in base-to-base contact with the Succubus may be moved up to 2" directly away from her.

Steel Cross (10 pts): The Succubus may ignore any special weapons she has in order to make her opponents need to roll 6 to hit.

Strike and Fade (8 pts): If the Succubus is not in base-to-base contact during an assault, her single attack may still make use of the abilities of special weaponws.

Wych Gladiator Weapons Sets

Falchion and Razorsnare: See Codex Dark Eldar.

Hydraknives: See Codex Dark Eldar.

Katar and Talonflain: The katar is a triple-bladed punch dagger used to strike in any direction. When combined with the double-headed talonflain the Wych gets the +1 Attack bonus for using two close combat weapons. The katar allows the Wych to always hit her opponent on a 3+, and the talonflain is used to entangle the opponent's weapons, causing them to lose the +1 Attack if they have two close combat weapons.

Shardnet and Impaler: See Codex Dark Eldar.

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